Replacing Box Edging – Already!


I knew it was a risk when I planted it but the Box hedging has started to succumb to Box Blight already. I’ve replaced two of the bushes because they were displaying the tell-tale orange hue. I thought I would nip it in the bud early and see if I can stop the spread. Also the cuttings that I took last summer are starting to grow in the greenhouse so pretty soon I should have my own bushes ready to replace any more that are affected.

I know it’s crazy to plant Box now that blight is so wide-spread. And in such a wet climate too! It’s just that I love the ‘box edged’ look so much. I’m willing to fight.

1 Comments on “Replacing Box Edging – Already!

  1. Have you considered using “christmas box”. I believe they do not get box blight (not really a box) and the flowers smell wonderful.