Now, That’s Gross!

I don’t want to gross anyone out but this is what I found a few days ago when I was investigating a small raised bump in the middle of the pathway up at mtp. We couldn’t work out what the strange protrusions were but when we scooped back the wood chips and rolled away the ‘weed suppressing fabric’ (ha!) this is what was found; The slugs were having a positive party down there, with their friends Comfrey and Couch. Hmph…I knew it was too good to be true. So… (and this is where organic lovers should cover their ears)…out came the Round-Up and bye-bye weeds. I sprayed the lot, removed (and dispatched) the slugs and carefully replaced the fabric and chips. I came, I saw, I annihilated, I went.
ps. If anyone from work is reading this I’m still ill in bed – and no I haven’t been gardening. That’s how ill I am!

5 Comments on “Now, That’s Gross!

  1. You’re nicer than me, I generally just jump up and down on the lumps until they lay flat, or ignore them totally! :o)

    Hope you feel better soon!


  2. Thanks Anna – maybe I’ll try your method next time as mine is far too time consuming. I have a summer cold – those things are nasty!

  3. We initially covered our garden in impermeable black plastic – as an interim measure. We’re now replacing it with proper weed control fabric and a bark chip mulch to keep it flat.

    However… when the original black plastic was down it wasn’t well secured and blew around a bit and was generally lumpy. We walked up and down on it to get to various places in the garden until the day we trod on one lump and it didn’t collapse – a hedgehog had set up home under the plastic and was munching on the all-you-can-eat slug buffet! He didn’t seem to be too put off by being trodden on :)

  4. anything to get out of cover-of-the-month…

  5. Noooo! I was ill I tell you!
    You were right about the cabbages though Nick, all been eaten.