Tiny Aubergine Flower

Ouch it was hot today. Too hot for digging that’s for sure. It was too hot for my aubergine plants stashed in the (not so) cold frame so I gave them a refreshing spray of cool water when I finally hauled my booty up to mtp at around 5pm. While I was spraying I noticed that they are flowering! This is the biggest of the flowers. The others are still thinking about producing their own flower. I like to think of this guy as the ring leader. He’s pretty much the cocky one of the bunch, wants all the attention, that kind of thing. Hopefully now that he’s proved his point, the others will follow suit soon enough and we could be looking at a healthy crop of aubergines (or eggplant as Ryan will have it). I love the way that the water sticks to the tiny hairs on the stem. It’s pretty, in a dark and mysterious kinda way.

4 Comments on “Tiny Aubergine Flower

  1. I’m really no fan of aubergine, but your plant looks goregous and lush. I’m thinking of biting the bullet next year and trying out some small white ones, but we’ll see…

  2. oooh yeah – they’re called snowball or something like that and they’re tiny and white. I think they need some kind of protection though. Either a cold frame or a fence to shield them from the wind and (sometimes) rain.

  3. Hi. Yep, I was thrilled to see a lovely flower on my aubergine plant too! I’ve risked one in a sunny spot in my back garden and one in my plot – both doing ok. My ‘inspectors’ visited on Sunday and I think I passed! Dad said my runner beans looked better than his! Wow – what a compliment as Dad’s got at least 50 years on me as a proper gardener! Proudly dished my own courgettes, mange tout and broad beans for lunch (plus other stuff too of course) Yummy! Transplanted some of my leeks yesterday. They looked lost in the big holes that I dipped for them. Still “thats the way to do it”. Might try fitting carboard collars round them as Caroline Foley (Godess) suggests.

  4. I am envious, my aubergine plants are about 12″ tall and don’t have any flowers on them at all. Does that mean I won’t see any edible produce this yesr?