Squash rot

rotting squash
Firstly let me me apologise for the graphic photo. This is one of my butternut squashes harvested in October along with some Futsu and Uchiki Kuri varieties that I grew last year. Although, I took great pains to dry them out properly and harden their skins, two of the three types have gone to rot (the Futsu already rotted a few weeks ago). The only one still going strong is Uchiki Kuri. It’s interesting to see which varieties last longer than others. The Futsu pumkins seem to have been the most vulnerable of the three as their skin didn’t harden very much. The butternut squashes lasted well and we only had to waste one of the 8 we harvested. But the Uchiki Kuri are the winners in the race for the longest storage. Three months and going strong! They’ll definitely make it onto the growing plan next year.

2 Comments on “Squash rot

  1. My Butternuts and Trombolino squashes have also been rotting. The butternuts have surprised me as last year they stored well into the spring, so I don’t know what has gone wrong this year. I did harvest them earlier than I would have liked, although still after they had changed colour, due to problems with a rat. It’s the first time I’ve grown Trombolino so I have no idea whether the storage time is typical.
    Of my other squashes, some of the Jaspee de Vendee have rotted, but as I’m not so keen on it I’m not that bothered. Marina di Chioggia, West Indian and delicata squashes are still looking good.

  2. My squash and pumpkin vines have been rotting after the plants have grown to at least six feet in length and sometimes bear there fruit. Is there any way I can stop this rotting. Could the soil be too wet or full of clay……