Lettuce Root Aphid

winter lettuce seedlingsLast year my lettuce were attacked by lettuce root aphids (like normal aphids but they attach to the roots instead of leaves). I’m told they are a fairly rare pest but once they are in the soil you’re pretty much stuck with them unless you take action. Some of the lettuce varieties I chose last year (Little Gem, and Lobjots Green) seem to have little will to fight the aphids. While others (Salad Bowl, Four Seasons and Webs Wonder) seem to be able to withstand the attack to some extent. Although, later in the season the pests got to be too much even for the fighters and made their leaves go limp and yellow. I absolutely love salad in the summer and can’t let anything jepordise my leisurely summer lunches with fresh crunchy salad. So I’ve done a bit of investigating and have found that there are two varieties of lettuce that have resistance to lettuce root aphid. They are Mohican and Sunny. They’re available in Moles Catalogue but since they are a trade supplier you can only buy them by the 1000’s! In the photo you can see my attempts at growing early lettuce this year – too leggy and not enough light I think.

8 Comments on “Lettuce Root Aphid

  1. I hope your lettuces win the good fight this year. Home grown lettuce, rushed from the plot to the kitchen, are one of those crops that beat the pants off limp overpriced tasteless supermarket lettuce.

  2. How awful! I know from what you’ve said before how much you like your salads. Maybe we can all join forces and club together to buy some of these resistant lettuces?!

  3. yey – let’s start a lettuce club. I bet we’ll be the first :)

  4. Hi MTP. Sorry to hear about your lettuces – it sounds like you’re planning to become a “Lettuce Baron”. That’s be cool!

    Anyway, just a quick note to say “you been tagged”.

  5. Hi, just done some blog hopping and found you! I too have a small garden in which last year I started growing veggies, so I am beginning year 2 and finding out what everyone else is up to!!!!!
    I do like your mix of veggie growing and cooking!!! I shall be popping back!!!

  6. Have just been searching for some tips on planting lettuce and found a helpful tip about combination planting. Apparently planting lettuce alongside chervil keeps away aphids, whether this includes the root variety not sure.

  7. Hi
    My name is Bill, i am a novice to veg gardening. I have been told by a experienced gardener that the best way to combat aphids on lettuce is to boil a lettuce and spray other lettuce with the liquid.
    Happy gardening