Cute Pathway Idea

I went to Dyrham Park at the weekend and noticed these cute little pathways on their kitchen garden area. I’m guessing it’s Willow bent over to make little arches and then tied together at the joins. Very decorative, I thought. A little too rustic for my garden but still, very neat.

9 Comments on “Cute Pathway Idea

  1. I’ve seen a fence made of willows like this. It looked so beautiful, but had to be taken up when it started to regrow!

  2. It does look good, better than plastic, but like Dianne mentioned it will probably grow. I once ended up with some lovely big bushes after using willow as pea sticks.

  3. People often actually use willow BECAUSE it will grow. And this might look very nice and can be trimmed as well.
    An idea for Jackson: some larger willow poles and he’ll have a tipi. Or …

  4. I did something similar with hazel from my garden and put it along the borders around my lawn. I twisted two together each time before bing them and sticking them in the ground. Unfortunately I didn’t tie each one to the one next to it so eventually some of them sprang up out of the ground or simply broke from the tension. But I’ll definitely have another go now that I’ve seen this image!

  5. We are lucky we have a Norfolk flint wall round our garden we we have a rose in bloom growing on it its called Sophies Perpetual. Its as ealy as I have known it and has beaten the normmal first to bloom Mrs Herbert Stevans. It good to have a hot spring its the first for years.