My Planting Plan

The garden redesign is really split into two parts, the ornamental garden with the lawn which is where we will play, eat and hangout. And the kitchen garden where I’ll grow our vegetables and fruit. The two will be split up by the greenhouse which will effectively be a barrier between the two. I will […]

Full to the Brim!

I took this photo today of a corner of my garden that I’m particularly proud of. Every single patch of earth is used up (which doesn’t happen very often as you harvest and replace) – the layering effect really works, I think. In the foreground on the left are my Oakleaf Lettuce, then a row […]

My Tiny Plan

I’ve been trying to describe to people what I’m aiming for with the design of mtp. I suppose I’d describe it as a geometric-style potager garden. I’ve no idea if there are any design rules when it comes to creating a potager. I found this interesting site where it’s quoted, “A potager must make you […]