Jobs for this week!

  • Emptied out my large compost bin (mainly because it has rats living below it)
  • Spread some compost around the base of my two blackcurrant bushes (to deter weeds and feed them a little).
  • Dug in some compost in the potato patch ready for this year’s planting
  • Soaked some Broadbean seeds and planted them in pots
  • Planted another 6 cloves of garlic as the batch I planted before Christmas are now showing
  • 4 Comments on “Jobs for this week!

    1. I’ve not heard of soaking broad bean seeds – do you find this helps germination?

    2. Yes – definitely. I planted some broadbeans in my cold frame a few weeks ago and they just rotted. Not one of them came up.

      Maybe it’s because it’s been really wet – I don’t know. But soaking them seems to speed up the germination and therefore gives them less time to rot.

    3. Aha! I shall try that then. I’ve already stuck a few in the ground but the nest lot shall be pre-soaked. How long do you soak them for? Overnight?