New (ish) Potatoes

I’ve been harvesting my New Potatoes for a few weeks now – later than last year I’m sure. But they still taste amazing! I didn’t get to grow my saved seed Potatoes that were given to me last year. Why? Because mice ate them! Can you believe it?

It makes me laugh that I wrote this post “How to Save Seed Potatoes” last September and then failed to actually save any. I saved the Potatoes over the winter in a sealed tin box, like a good little girl. Then in February I took them out to chit them in the potting shed. Little did I know that the mice were lying in wait thinking, ‘ooh she’s putting out some juicy snacks for us, let’s wait till she’s gone and eat the lot!’.

By the next day there was not a Potato in sight, nor a mouse. So much for purple Potatoes huh? Next year the cat lives in the potting shed while I chit my Potatoes. He doesn’t know it yet but I’m sure he’ll like it.

11 Comments on “New (ish) Potatoes

  1. Oh dear pesky mouse! I’ve just harvested some of ours and posted on it a couple of days ago. Charlotte and Anya, what varieties do you find best?

  2. Glad I’m not the only one who’s potatoes are late this year.
    Enjoy yours.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  3. I’m still waiting for my new potatoes – I was late getting them in, and this desert-like weather hadn’t helped! I’m hoping that something is going to materialise up at my allotment, because right now it’s looking a bit tragic.

  4. I’m also still waiting for my potatoes. You’re supposed to harvest once they have flowered, no? So far I have not seen any signs of flowers at all, and the foilage still seems healthy and green. Do I just leave them?

  5. Hi Chris
    Yes you are correct as soon as the flowers have gone they are ready to harvest. Also dig from the side to avoid sticking your fork through them when your bringing them to the surface.

  6. I had a row of “Rocket” which I planted early early, and they got caught by a surprise April frost. I left them to do their thing, and they have recovered enough to enjoy over the past few weeks. The yield was less for the stunting effect of the frost, but my next row of “Foremost” are much fuller and both are delicious! I have learnt my lesson to be prepared with fleece and mounding up at the first hint of frost!! Next in line for munching are Charlottes. Happy growing!

  7. Another lovely dalliance w/Anglicisms in the gardening world (plus lots of new knowledge for a strictly tomatoes/cucumbers/herbs dabbler) took me to wiktionary for a (possible) etymological source in Hindi where “chit” = “kitten, or cub.”


    Does this ring true for the seasoned gardeners/readers of this wonderful blog?

  8. Wow nice post! it made me laugh too,
    we are just about to harvest our – we use the potato pod forever- it is very simple idea that save space. Like a big pot with a garden wire holding both ends- so it is just like to open a present.

    the thing is I am never sure when to open this present. (right after flowers? or while flower)

    Do you thing the mice may like cheese on potato?

  9. It’s great that you have a cat to guard your treasure. My dogs try to help, but they’re more bother that good. They occasionally catch mice outside and bring them inside through the doggy door. Unfortunately, the mice are rarely dead and they end up releasing them in the house. Yuck!