Week 1

Just got my plot this week. Bought a book called The Allotment Handbook by Caroline Foley. It’s a great book I’ve learnt lots already. Like don’t dig the soil when it’s frosty (which it has been all week).

The plot is in a pretty bad state. Half of it has a big pile of manure dumped on it and the other half has last year’s sweetcorn harvest rotting on it. Bought a simple soil test kit and found that he earth on the plot is neutral that’s good apparently. Also found out that the plot is north-facing – that’s bad apparently.

Spent a good few hours working over the plot, digging up old crops (corn) and clumps of grass. Made a diagram of how the plot will look – where the beds will be etc. There’s still a long way to go!

2 Comments on “Week 1

  1. No problem – I’ve posted the plan on the main page for you. Thanks for being my first ‘comment’ :0