Week 2

This week I discovered that my tiny plot is actually twice the size I thought it was. I thought our next door neighbour’s had a lot of fruit bushes that they weren’t looking after, but then I found that they are my fruit bushes! Ordered some seeds from www.alanromans.com – waiting for them to arrive. Laid out some early potatoes for chitting, and some red onions. Wasn’t sure what to do with the garlic so laid them out too. Cleared some more of the plot. I’ve been trying to find out what the weeds are on the plot. Searched online and found that they are couch – bad news – couch grass is EVIL. Every time you break up the roots it re-grows. We’ll have to pick it all out by hand – that may take some time.

1 Comments on “Week 2

  1. Just a quick comment to say that you don’t ‘chit’ onions or garlic for that matter either. Lordy, lord, I really was green.