Seed Tray

seed tray This is a picture of my seed tray right now. Starting from the top left and moving along in rows we have – Dill (no show), below that Corriander and Parsley. The row one in from the left is all Basil, then Spring onions (10 seeds per module), then another later sowing of Basil, then Rocket (that will be moved to the free modules when they are large enough). And on the right hand side in peat pockets from the top we have: Marjoram, Mint and Oregano. How’s that for an efficient use of space, huh?

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  1. I’m not normally a luddite on such matters but can we post new threads on this blogging mullarky? This Blogging is completely new to me.

    That’s a great selection of herbs – have you ever grown Taragon. I love the stuff but my only attempt at growing French Taragon failed miserably.

    Couple of quick questions – is it too late to plant Raspberry canes (and get a summer and autumn crop) and anyone got any first hand experience of Aspargus. I have inherited masses of mature plants on my allotment. Cheers.

  2. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for visiting – you can’t post new threads on personal blogs. Only the owner gets to do that (mwaa ha ha – evil laugh). No seriously, if you want more of a forum experience then try the guys there are very helpful and you can post questions etc (I do, frequently).

    Regarding the raspberry canes – I would say you’re pushing it putting them in now. And by pushing it I mean you can plant them but they may not fruit in the first year.

    As for asparagus – I’ve never grown it (I’m too impatient to wait the three years until it’s mature!) But I do know that you need to pick them young with a special hooked knife and that the cropping season is quite short (search online to find out when it is for your neck of the woods). After that you have to let them grow tall to ensure you get a good crop next year.

  3. Steve H.
    If you want a blog of your own…..visit my blog
    and click on the “Get your Own Blog” link and follow the instructions. I didn’t find it too hard to do! I’m not a complete Luddite but found that it was quite helpful to inexperienced ones!

  4. looks great, I love it when things start to grow. I tink its a good idea to ‘share’ seed trays, who personally needs 25 of one thing, five each of five things sounds better to me, one for me, one spare, one for a friend. . .hopefully!

  5. I love the seed tray too. I’ve done the same thing with my herbs this year too. My dill is a bit pathetic as is the coriander, but everything else is growing away nicely. The only difficulty I have with seed trays is gettig the plugs out ready to plant.

  6. Since I posted this picture the Dill has gone crazy! – typical.

  7. I’ve used a similar system this year but have had great problems transplanting the seedlings. I think I’ll revert to pots like yoghurt or marg tubs next year, for the small quantities of herbs.

  8. Yes I agree – these little blighters were a nightmare to get out. I lost some of them in the process which is surely counter productive.

  9. I just recieved some aspargus seeds as an extra gift when I ordered seeds. Does anyone know if I can start them in my seed trays or should I plant them in the garden?

  10. Asparagus from seed – that’s a new one on me. I think you may have wait many years before you can crop from the plants. It’s best to buy 2-year old crowns I thought. Still as they are seeds I should think starting them off in trays is fine.

  11. I have never heard of starting aspargus from seed either but I have the seed so what the heck. Guess I will stick them in my seed trays when I start everything else and see what happens. I already have an established patch but could always use some more.

  12. I have never tried to start Tarragon from seed but from everything I have heard that does not work. I got mine as small plants and they have spread across my plot like crazy.