Sowing Borlotti Beans

Planting Borlotti beans I sowed some Borlotti beans today. I’m having some success with using my heated propogator plugged in outside. You see the problem with sowing seeds inside is that there just isn’t as much light in the house as there is outside. But at this time of year it’s too cold to sow seeds outside. And with no heated greenhouse you can see where the problem lies. So I decided to plug in my propogator in the shed and put it outside the door (light AND heat!) and it seems to work. I have raised some french beans already, plenty of rocket, germinated mint, marjoram and corriander – all of which are growing on nicely. It hasn’t escaped me that using the propogator outside isn’t exactly energy efficient. And that certainly is the downside to the whole plan. But then it’s just like a mini heated greenhouse and takes up less space in the garden too!

6 Comments on “Sowing Borlotti Beans

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  2. Hi Ashley,
    I don’t actually own a dog –

    I only linked to the Whiskas cat bed because I think my cat would look cute in one. But actually I probably won’t ever buy the cat bed because cats are contrary little things and he would probably not sit in it on purpose just because I spent money on it!

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  3. by the way – the beans are still not up. I think they may have rotted in their ‘mini greenhouse’ – humph!

  4. Did anything come of the beans? I saw the packet of the seed on sale at RHS Wisley (no less!) and thought them stunningly beautiful. Didn’t buy any though, as live in the north o’england and hardly bugger all grows in my garden.

  5. Hi David,
    The beans rotted! And I had to re-sow them but this time in the ground. I’m still waiting for them to come up but I have high hopes.

  6. Did you have success with your borlotti beans?

    I usually grow some and get a reasonable crop. I find that they are as easy to grow as any french bean, but they mature later. Generally, you can pick them late October. The main problem is that with maturing late they are vulnerable to frost which pretty much destroys them.

    You can also eat the immature beans just like french beans.