Arctic King Lettuce

It’s been a bit quiet around mtp these last few weeks as we’ve been on holiday (the undergardener and I). South of France, very nice, I won’t sicken you with the details. But we came back to find a lovely, daddy-sized compost bin waiting for us outside our front door. Complete with kitchen ‘caddie’ (as they call them) and leaflet explaining all about composting. Of course we’ve been composting all year however we’ve been making do with a tiny bin that we inherited from our neighbour and the kitchen recycling hasn’t been to the level that we would feel happy with (due to the lack of a kitchen caddie – of course!). But now we’re all kitted up and ready to go up a recycling gear. We’ve already filled the caddy with coffee grounds (hmm…maybe we drink too much coffee???). But anyway the other nice surprise is that our Arctic King Lettuce seedlings (free with GYO mag) are up and ready to be transplanted to the cold frame. As the name suggests they are winter hardy however I’m planning to do some in the cold frame and some out on the plot – that way we might have some lettuce earlier than the ‘April – May’ it says on the packet. What on earth did people eat in the winter round these parts?

4 Comments on “Arctic King Lettuce

  1. Glad to see you back and it’s always good to hear when folk get even more involved in their compost!

    I know this might be sacrilege to say here, but I’m really not much of a lettuce fan. This might explain why I’ve never really tackled the ‘destruction by slug’ problem that has always occurred whenever I’ve tried sowing/planting any.

  2. I just love all the different varieties you can grow, curly, crispy, red, green – I think I’m more in love with the look of lettuce than the taste – because let’s face it, it doesn’t really ‘taste’ of anything does it?

  3. I’m with you Gillian – lettuce is great :-D I have the GYO seeds too, but they are going to have to wait until next year now. At the moment we are enjoying some mighty fine endive from our local organic box scheme and that’s going on my list as well :-)

  4. Ah – ha! I just said to the undergardener yesterday that we shall have to start up our organic box again. A winter without fresh veg is very daunting.