Strawberry Sweetcorn Seedlings

strawverry sweetcorn seedlingsThe strawberry sweetcorn seeds that I planted on May 31st have shot up. Virtually every single one germinated and they’ve been growing like mad ever since. The Northern Sweet variety that I sowed alongside them didn’t fair so well. Around half of them didn’t germinate, so it’s a good job I put two in each module otherwise I wouldn’t have enough to fill the space. In an attempt to harden them off quickly so I can put them out next week they’ll be spending tonight outdoors (with a lid on) and the next night without. Let’s hope for the best!

2 Comments on “Strawberry Sweetcorn Seedlings

  1. oh, that was quick. I might do a second sowing then. I love the fact they have strawberry stems as well. SInce my children had pulled all the labels out, I thought this was a very handy way of telling my 2 sweetcorn apart.

  2. i would like to no where i can buy these from as i cannot find them in my local garden centre.