Seedlings die in hot propogators

strawverry sweetcorn seedlings Oh no! I went away for a few days leaving my propogator full of lettuce seedlings in the garden. I watered them well before I went hoping that they would be okay. I left the lid on which was my mistake because when I came back they were all dead. They were brown and shrivelled like they had been cooked in an oven. Disaster! The picture is of the sweetcorn seedlings in the propogator because there was nothing left to photograph of the lettuce seedlings! But I’ve learned my lesson. I have resown the seeds and they are now in the dappled shade under my Acer in the garden – and I’ve cancelled all holidays until October (…okay I haven’t gone that far).

2 Comments on “Seedlings die in hot propogators

  1. OMG! I thought i had to be the only one to have made that mistake! I had 3 huge flats of nice perennial seedlings I had nurished for weeks and set them outside with the plastic covers on…

    Big mistake. I think it was almost a total loss…I had 4 or 5 seedlings survive.

  2. I’ve just visited the blog for the first time, and it’s great! Just one thing, though– the text written down the right hand side of the pix is only partially visible ( the extreme right of the text not visible) on my machine. Is this a web design thing, or is there a ‘fix’? I’m not very well educated,PC-wise.