Eager Beaver

potatoes chitting
As we all know potatoes are supposed to go in on Good Friday (since that was the first day the working poor would get off between Christmas and Easter) but I couldn’t wait. I popped them in a few days ago when I had a sneaky day off from work. It was windy and cold and I had my hood up the whole time. In the distance I could see one other lost soul scratching away at the earth. But apart from that the allotments were deserted. Just me, the worms and the potatoes, sitting happily on a bed of comfrey leaves (the potatoes that is not me!). I must admit they have been officially ‘chitting’ since I bought them back in February – a little too early me thinks but then that’s me all over – eager beaver. I bet you’re all waiting until tomorrow like good gardeners!

10 Comments on “Eager Beaver

  1. I put mine in weeks ago, because I’m impatient, and I wanted to harvest them early. They seem to be going ok, but who knows what is lurking beneath that soil!
    I think you’ve been very restrained!

  2. Put mine in nearly 2 weeks ago! I needed the space in the spare bedroom because we had visitors. The girlfriend was threatening to mash them up.

  3. I put mine in last sunday – I didn’t know the tradition was to wait until after Good Friday!

  4. I can’t say we haven’t been itching to put them in and probably would have done in the last few days if decorating hadn’t got in the way. Given the wx forecast though, I think this weekend is definately the one though. Happy Easter….break an egg!

  5. There was me thinking like a good Irishman and popping them in the ground on St. Patricks day which I think is the tradition over here. Weather has been kind to me so far though.

  6. Mine too have been chitting since February since purchase back then … still are! Grabbed a pack of what I thought were ‘Charlotte’ off the shelf, only to find on reaching home they were ‘Estima’. Chitted ’em anyway, they’re 2nd earlies so I guess the delay in planting won’t matter! Am in process of rearranging garden; have moved compost bins (I have those plastic green things & was pleased to find they had produced ‘black gold’ not sludge as some warned they would – & no, I have never turned them!), so can now roughly level ground ready to build raised beds. Might be finished ready to plant ’em next weekend, might not …

  7. Glad to see everyone is as random as me! To be honest I don’t think it really matters when you put them in – so long as you can keep the frost off them. Good luck!

  8. I planted mine weeks and weeks ago (didn’t realise that Easter was the correct time)?

    Yesterday I noticed small holes in my pots and a couple of half-eaten potatoes on ground….

    I suspect badgers!

    I don’t think they were growing anyway (all that frost) – I’ll have to start re-chitting in earnest today.

  9. You don’t have to chit though. I usually put mine in on good friday as I have this year but I also put a row in 10 days before to see what happens. My suspicion is that like most veg they will all be ready at the same time because soil temp tends to make them grow at the same time regardless of when you put them in. Sometimes I chit sometimes I don’t and I haven’t seen anydifference except the shoots show earlier, the yield is just the same.

  10. If you’re going to be really traditional about potatoes the way to check if the ground is warm enough is to sit on it with a bare behind!! Try that down tha allotments and you’ll be run in for indecent exposure!