Small-time Salad

salad in pots
I spent Good Friday rearranging the pots on my small deck and sowing a few more salad leaves mainly for growing at home or transplanting to mtp once they are big enough. As you can see the radish that I planted a few weeks ago is romping away and will be ready to harvest in a few weeks. On the right of that I have a large basket of cut-and-come salad seeds protected from prying paws by my natty little Wooden Skewer Kitten Barrier system ™. Below that in pots are some lettuce (Little Gem and 4 Seasons), to the right of that is a pot full of spring onion seedlings and in front of that (in the rabbit) I have some corriander. Last year I grew flowers in my pots at home but this year there is no room because every nook is taken up with impromtu salad crops. Flowers are yesterday’s news anyway, bring on the radish!

5 Comments on “Small-time Salad

  1. I also have four pots filled with salad and herb crops plus another two of potatoes and carrots. And I am leaving space for cucumber and tomato. Why grow it if you can’t eat it????!!!!

  2. think i failed the math question last time by writing the number. Well done keep going. a tip i was told to keep the cabbage whites off is to put the cabbage et al in the leg of a pair of tights and tie the bottom the nylon expands as the cabbage gets larger and the pesky varmints cant get to your cabbage. cheers liz

  3. Wooden Skewer Kitten Barrier system â„¢.