Peas with Pea-sticks

The gutter peas in the cold frame where getting huge (around 2 inches in length) so I had no choice but to plant them out into their final position. The guttering idea didn’t work out ‘quite’ the way I thought it would. The peas were basically stuck in it and I had to disturb them somewhat in order to get them out (thus negating the whole reason why I used the guttering in the first place – doh!). But they’ve been in the ground for four days now and they’re doing well. They’re even starting to scramble up the pea sticks. So I guess you could say that the experiment was a success. I’ve re-planted the guttering with more peas for a second row in May.

3 Comments on “Peas with Pea-sticks

  1. I have not tried the gutter method yet but have every intention of starting my carrots out in one. I have grown peas frequently and have never had any problem planting them straight into the ground. Some folk say that birds and mice get them, but I have yet to experience this. I suppose the advantage of the gutter method is that you have something ready to put into the ground when you want it there prticularaly after you have just taken something out.

  2. I planted peas in the ground last year and they were very patchy with their germination. The peas I planted in the gutter virtually all germinated and now I have a full row. Definitely worth a try.

    Can you plant carrots in gutter? I always thought that you had to plant carrots in situ because they go all wonky when you move them?

  3. Having just sufferent a disaster with non-germinating peas, I’m going to try this brilliant gutter method: sounds like a stroke of genius! Will let you know if it works…