Introducing mttp

Call me crazy but I’ve taken on another plot – this one is a wee bit smaller than mtp so we’re calling it mttp (my teeny-tiny plot). As with all new plots it’s in a bad state. Lots of comfrey, nettles, bindweed and a fair bit of rubbish to clear (old carpets etc). But Ryan’s made a good start with our neighbours old rotovator and we’re hoping to have it up and running by the end of the May Day weekend. Since the new plot is just a minute’s walk from our house I’m planning to use it to grow plants that need a lot of attention or that need picking often: tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, etc

3 Comments on “Introducing mttp

  1. You’re mad! I can only just about handle my little plot! Our pak choi is looking very nice now and we’ll have to earth up our potatoes soon.

  2. I tend to forget how lucky I am, with having the plot just down the lane from home – I use it more than I ever would if it was a long way away!