Planting Shallots

planting shallots

In go the shallots for 2008. I planted the biggest specimens I could find from the batch I grew last year. I was careful to walk on a board (like Monty does) so as not to flatten my precious fluffy soil. I’ll be scattering some wood ash on there once they start growing, to give them a boost. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain constantly this summer and ruin all my onion plans!

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  1. Can i contact you – I would be very grateful of some help. i like your web pages and i wonder is this a professionally produced web site or not. You mention articles in the newspaper? I am a retired proffesional grower and now chairman of a small charity with an orphanage in Malawi. I need some help as i want to consider selling herbs on the internet to raise money for our chariety which is registered in the U.K.
    i am sorry i am not address this very well – but I presume that this is a coment page not an email page so at this stage I do not wish to write too much. I would be very grateful if you could come back to me by email so that i can write you a better comunication.
    The Chariety’s name is For Theophilus and the registered number is 1068845
    Please come back to me – Thank you – Peter

  2. The Shallots are Longor variety. I grew them last year and have just planted the biggest ones that I have left. They are really easy to grow. Last year, because of the rain, they were a bit smaller than normal but in a good year you can get really big shallots – almost as big as onions. I find them perfect when you are cooking for two and don’t need a massive onion for a small dish.

  3. Peter – please contact me through the About page. Thanks.

  4. What a fascinating and (for me) very usful blog

    It’s my fist time with an allotment and I put my shallots in last weeked… I’ll be saving the ash from our wood fire for them

    I guess it is ok to use any wood ash?