How Cool are Strawberry Sweetcorn Seeds?

strawberry sweetcorn seedsThese must be the coolest seeds I’ve seen. They’re like mini gems and don’t really look like seeds at all. I had to take a photo of them. I sowed some normal sweetcorn and some strawberry sweetcorn today. I notice that a lot of people have started to put their sweetcorn out – while mine are still under starters orders! It’s a bit worrying but I’m sure they’ll catch up.

3 Comments on “How Cool are Strawberry Sweetcorn Seeds?

  1. We have a spare bed and was looking for in inspiration.. I have searched the web and found seeds available, but all sold for fun.. to ‘pop’ in the microwave etc.. are they a fun variety or can you boil, butter and eat like a normal sweetcorn cob ?

    I also followed your lead on purple sprouting brocolli.. mine are about 4″ high and look very leggy, – still in pots in the conservatory.. they look too skinny to go out.. any advice from what you did ?

  2. Hi Angela,
    I bought the strawberry sweetcorn from the Organic Catalogue – they are for popcorn (the under gardener likes his popcorn).
    As far as I know they were popular in the Victorian kitchen garden but sweetcorn has moved on since then and the super sweet varieties are much better for eating on the cob.

    As for the purple sprouting mine have been in the ground for about two months now – they’re doing fine. I bought some brassica collars and put netting around them as we had terrible trouble with pigeons and cabbage whites last year.

  3. we are growing the popcorn ones too – allegedly for the children….
    ours are about to go out, but mainly as we are going camping soon, and they are desperate!
    may well sow a second crop though and see what happens