Gherkins Almost Ready to Plant

My Gherkins are almost ready to plant out. I sowed them about a month ago under fleece outside. They germinated quite quickly but then some bad weather meant that they have been growing very, very slowly. The sunny weather last week has quickened them on a pace though. And now they’re nearly ready to go out.

I’ll plant them in a sunny patch with a cane for each one to grow up. You can grow them along the ground like Cucumbers but I find that they use up too much room that way. From seven plants I should get around six or seven Gherkins per plant which means around 50 pickles! Yey!

10 Comments on “Gherkins Almost Ready to Plant

  1. I’ve been too late as usual and only just sowed my gherkins – in the windowsill, and they’ll go in the greenhouse as soon as the night temperature goes up. I only have two – I wonder if it’s too little? Hm. Maybe I should just pop another seed or two in a pot. Looking at yours, I might not be all that much behind schedule after all?

  2. Hi, i just have a quick question about garlic (wrong time fo the year for you, but i am in Melbourne, Australia – just coming into winter here). i planted my garlic at around the start of May, and most plants are between 3 and 7 inches high (there are a few slow ones). the ones that are about 6-7 inches high are starting to go brown around the edges of the leaves. is this normal? i have never grown anything before, but its raining a lot (well, once every week perhaps, but that is a lot for here) and i am keeping them moist but not soaking. they are planted in organic soil mix in big pots, and the leaves arent damaged or anything.

    is this normal – i know garlic is supposed to dry out, but not this early!

    cheers, Estelle

  3. hum hope its not that white rot you mentioned once, might go google that

  4. This is my 5th vegetable year and I stopped with the gherkins.
    Nice to have in theory but my reality was that I never once came around pickling; just too little fruit indeed and too much hassle. There are so many great varieties of other plants so I extended our diversity of courgettes/zuchinis : normal, black ribbed, yellow, round/de Nice andthat too me gave greater rewards .But I know you are differtent from me and I look forward to the post with the pot of beautiful pickled gherkins!

  5. me again, just dug up the yellowing plant and it was covered in a thick layer of rot – except the rot was blue! a really nice duck-egg blue, actually, except that it had affected seven of my 21 garlic plants, so im pretty disappointed right now, hence the rambling post. all affected plants were from the same pot; one wasnt affected (yet) so i isolated it in its own pot to see what happens, i washed all the soil off it first.

    some of the ones i pulled out were so big! their roots went on for miles, and it was so sad to see this choking mass of fungus slowly draining them of life.

    now i just have to find out what the blue fungus was. hopefully it doesnt get in my strawberries…

  6. Hello there,

    Just found your lovely site. Great pictures.

    Do you have any celeriac advice (see my tomato plant post on my blog to find out what I’m on about) Never grown them before but have two in the greenhouse waiting to go,,,,


  7. I love gherkins, they are quite tasty, but from what I know they do take some work and care to grow properly. Thanks for sharing this, it gives me a good idea of what I need to do :)

  8. Wow, how wonderful. How have you been doing with the hot weather? When we were over there it didn’t rain. Do you have soaker hoses around your garden? Your vegetables look really great, nice and healthy. Mine are looking pathetic in comparison. :-( M