Expanding Snow Village

It’s about this time of year that the snow village appears.

It’s come a long way since I started it back in 2008. Since then I’ve been adding to it every year.

Since the boys were too young to join in I’ve been making the houses myself. I’m not suggesting they are fantastic craftwise. They are really just painted up grocery boxes and glitter and spray snow.

But this year I had a little help, from my three year old. He wanted a house with a ‘snowy garden’ and ‘glittery roof’ the other stipulation was that there was ‘mist’ coming out of the chimney and a wreath on the door. So that’s what we did!

6 Comments on “Expanding Snow Village

  1. Hoe can tou make these great houses?? They are amazing… i love making crafts and my daughter too! The last one with the snowy garden is my favourite!!!!

  2. What a lovely idea and I can imagine your sons love it, such a nice tradition to start

  3. They’re really quite easy to make. They’re just old boxes cut up and stuck together and then painted. Then you just spray them with spray snow and dump a bunch of glitter on. You’ll be surprises what glitter and spray snow can cover up!

    The glow is produced by cutting a hole in the back of the house and sticking a piece of coloured acetate on the back.