Father Christmas Mugs

Merry Christmas Eve! We’re spending most of today sitting around the fire, watching Christmas movies and drinking eggnog.

These are my vintage 1950s Santa mugs from Japan. They make the eggnog taste sooo good!

We’re so excited!

You could never buy eggnog in the shops when I lived in the UK so I always made my own. Here is my Eggnog recipe if you feel like giving your relatives a delicious, heartwarming treat!

3 Comments on “Father Christmas Mugs

  1. What a gorgeous set. I’ve been loving seeing you settle into your new home and all the improvements you’ve been making. (Can’t wait to see the fountain in summer) So exciting. Merry Christmas to you and your family x

  2. They are amazing! I have a collection of Christmas decorations that I like to bring out every year but I don’t think I have anything as sweet as those.

  3. Love your Santa cups! Perfect for eggnog. Good luck with your fountain/garden. Looks like you have a good beginning! Will be fun to follow your journey of creation!