Happy Holidays

And a Merry Christmas to all. So…. has Father Christmas been? What did he bring you? Something yummy, something to read and something to plant I hope! Let everyone know what your very favourite present was. And… what you’ll be up to for the rest of the day? Are the family coming round? Are you eating Turkey and pulling crackers? We’ll be playing with toys, eating and calling our Anglo-American family all around the world and wishing them Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

6 Comments on “Happy Holidays

  1. My best present this christmas is my mother’s gift:
    every single back issue of Gardens Illustrated 1999-2008.

    I’m starting with the old november and december/january issues. Amazing to watch the layout, content (and fashion) change in fast forward.

    Thanks again, Mama!

    Merry Christmas and a Good Gardening Year to you all.

  2. I’m so blessed to be part of your Anglo-American family. :) Josh and Maddie woke us at 6:21 and said, “MOM AND DAD IT’S CHRISTMAS!! SANTA CAME!!! SANTA CAME!!!” Matt is currently putting together the biggest Lego set EVER. Maddie is playing her new Pokemon Wii game and I’m loving reading all the Christmas-y blogs. Especially yours. :) I LOVE YOU. Merry Christmas!

  3. Happy Christmas to you all! Or Merry Christmas to my American friends!

    I too am blessed to be part of the Anglo-American family!

    Here is looking to a prosperous New Year with lots and lots of carrots!!

    Clair (ex-pat)

  4. Turkey well and truly stuffed, crackers pulled and family left for home, another Christmas done, well until the in-laws tomorrow! On the gardening front some Felco no2s will keep the garden in check, more seeds and Carol Klein’s Grow Your Own Garden to read over the cold winter months. Happy Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas to all. This year I have passed a joyful Christmas. After many days I have met with all my family members. I really love them.