Scary Mary Cupcakes

Jackson is going to his first ever Halloween party tomorrow – we’re both very excited. Apart from scooping out the traditional pumpkin lantern we made these little treats. We’re calling them Scary Mary cupcakes. They’re scary because they’re a new type of spider that may have only six, sometimes five legs! A true freak of nature.

7 Comments on “Scary Mary Cupcakes

  1. Okay, I have to know what you made your spiders with. The kids will want to make these for sure. OOOOhhhh, S-c-c-caaaarrrryyyy!!! ;) What is Jackson going as? Happy Halloween!

  2. The bodies are just black icing and the legs are licorice sticks cut up. Then some sweets for fangs!

    Jackson doesn’t have a costume. I know, missed opportunity.