Thanksgiving Harvest

It’s that time of year again. I just love to grow pumpkins. They’re so interesting. All the different shapes, colours and different knobbly bits to look at. They’re amazing. This year I grew Turks Turban pumpkins and I have just brought in the last of them. Some of them haven’t reached full size so I will probably use them for decoration if they don’t change colour in the next few weeks.

As per the suggestion on Gardener’s World last week (Toby is doing well in my opinion) I made sure to leave an inch or so of stem on either side of the stalk so that the smaller pumpkins could carry on maturing once they had been cut. We’ll see if that makes any difference. 

I’m not going to waste these on Halloween lanterns – no way! (I bought a cheap one from the supermarket for that). No, these will either be Pumpkin soup (with funky bowls to boot!) or else Pumpkin Pie for our small and first ever Thanksgiving celebration in a few weeks.

7 Comments on “Thanksgiving Harvest

  1. We just had a fantastic Thanksgiving feast and adventure out here on Vancouver Island, Canada.

    The fields are bursting with gorgeous orange pumpkins – see photos and read about our booty and seasonally inspired menu here:

  2. MMMMM, I’m so excited about pumpkin soups & pies. We’ve been saving all the pumpkins I’ve been buying at the farmer’s market until there are no other veggies left.

  3. I love those Turks Turban pumpkins, so pretty … but I’ve found them pretty tasteless to eat, so I haven’t grown them for the past couple of years. They keep really well, more than a year I’ve found … but I think I’ll grow some next year, thanks for the reminder. I’ll be interested to read whether yours have more taste than mine ..


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  5. My butternut squash (BBC free seeds) has constantly flowered but not set any fruits.
    The other three plants were scoffed by slugs despite my best efforts.
    I assume I could pick the squash flowers and batter them as it’s way too late to get any squashes off the plant now.

    So what went wrong? My courgette has flowered and produced tons of delicious courgettes but I’m so disappointed about the butternut squash.

    I’m going to try again next year though so will have to do some reading up perhaps on what went wrong.