Thanksgiving 2011

Believe it or not this weekend saw our first Thanksgiving celebration at home. Despite 50 per cent of our family being American. Umm…

Usually if we celebrate it’s because we happen to be visiting family on one of our very well timed visits.

But this year we thought it was high time that we bit the bullet and admitted that actually we should really do something. So we did.

And here is evidence of Parsnip peeling.

We even brought in the wood, invited friends around and assembled the cheese board. The boat was pushed out.

We also thought it was high time that the children started to learn about American history, those pilgrims and native Americans, that feast and naturally how to make silly hats.

Candles were lit.

And the smelly one too.

The children were allowed to watch football. And we ate and drank and were thankful for every last minute of it. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving.

6 Comments on “Thanksgiving 2011

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Gill. Although I don’t celebrate I’ve really learned about the ‘giving thanks’ part of this feast this year and think it’s great. Lovely peep inside your home (pic of silly hats next time please).

  2. Okay, that last picture of Devon was simply precious. He’s quite adorable!! :) So glad you all were able to celebrate this year. I also hosted my first Thanksgiving in our home too! We had about 25 people over (all families who didn’t have their own families in town). It was WONDERFUL :) We love you and miss you guys!! I’m thankful for YOU!! xoxo

  3. oh dear – can I say that I got the recipe from the back of the Libby’s can of pureed pumpkin? It tasted good though!