Vegetable Christmas Ornaments

If I’m obsessed with two things it’s vegetables and Christmas, in that order. So, to be given a gift that is both wrapped up in one is well… my new favourite thing.

It was my birthday last week and these little, let’s call them Christmas trinkets, popped through the letterbox having travelled all the way from sunny Denver (thanks Jess and Marta).

Now I do love a bauble or two and I have been known to erm… collect unusual Christmas ornaments, collaring anyone I know to be travelling through, or near, New York to visit Saks 5th Avenue Christmas department and buy me something for the tree! But, strange as it may seem, I do not own any vegetable tree ornaments. Until now that is.

Now I’m now the proud owner of three culinary tree hangings, one Tomato, one floret of Broccoli and one, probably chantenay, Carrot.

With a little research I found that Inge-Glas of Germany are the makers of many more miniature glass vegetables. Infact, they have the market somewhat covered. And you can get all kinds of vegetables for your tree from Onions, Asparagus to the plain but functional Potato ornament.

Oh dear, I can feel a collecting obsession coming on.

9 Comments on “Vegetable Christmas Ornaments

  1. Thanks for posting this – I’ll be showing off my chilli Christmas tree ornament soon in reply to you :)

    I bought it on an extremely hot July day in Albuquerque in one of those all year Christmas shops that the USA does so well!

  2. they’re very amusing. I haven’t put a christmas tree up for a few years now.. the cats have too much fun taking it down again…..

  3. having read this, i’ve immediately gone and bought a “legendary christmas gherkin” ornament for my best friend – who’s also getting a large jar of homegrown, home pickled gherkins from me. perfect present synergy

    er, yes, she does REALLY REALLY like gherkins, and once when we were children, asked her mother whether she could have her own jar of pickled gherkins for christmas. her wish is now granted.

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