Coriander Seed Hanging

I harvested my Coriander plants at the end of the Summer and hung them up in the shed window to dry. They have been there ever since and are currently providing a nice little home for my resident shed spiders – of which there are many.

About a week ago I decided to harvest some of the seed and started to pop them off the plant and collect them on the bench. I was amassing quite a little pile when, oh I don’t know, something happened to distract me. Could have been a waking baby, that’s mostly what distracts me these days. Anyway, I went back into the house and forgot to put the seeds in my seed box. Huge mistake.

I went back the next day and the seed were, you guessed it, gone! Only slightly gnawed at seed casing had been left behind. I could also hear the mice groaning from the weight of their full bellies. Darn it.

Well, at least the mice are happy. And at least I have more back-up seed hanging in the window. Contingency seed, that’s the key.

3 Comments on “Coriander Seed Hanging

  1. Regardless of whether you get to enjoy the fruits of your labours, Coriander plants look lovely, especially dried.

    A very wintery-looking plant, very evocative.

  2. Oh, what a shame, the mice must have thought Christmas had come. I have a large bunch of radish drying on top of my kitchen cabinet. Beans in their pods in the front room, beans out of their pods in a bowl on the kitchen work top….Lovely photo, can just see the spiders web.

  3. Naughty meeces! At least you grew the plants, that helped to nourish the small mammals, that will in some way become another part of the food chain. So you did good.