Our Christmas Tree

In our house, as soon as it turns 1st December it’s pretty much time to put up the Christmas tree. So this being the nearest weekend we brought our tree home. A nice 7ft Norway spruce (the bluish looking ones with thick bushy branches). I tried to get my husband to go for a Scots pine but he dug his Coloradan heels in so we went for the fir tree look.

I was reading in Which? this month that there is a shortage of big trees (some sort of planting error eight years ago!). And therefore large trees are at a premium this year. They reckon you should be paying no more than £35 for a 6ft Norway. Umm… but hey, we got free delivery and a fancy net…

The vegetable ornaments are in there, somewhere. Top middle is my London bus ornament, and on the left is a new crown one that says Bath 2011. My favourite is still the empire state building one which is just below the bus and the banana split always makes me laugh. While the most quirky one is still the little red fire hydrant. I love my Christmas tree!

3 Comments on “Our Christmas Tree

  1. Your tree is lovely. I never put mine up before 11 December, because my middle child’s birthday is 10 December and I didn’t like the decorations and cards taking away from his day. I have a new kitten/cat this year and wonder how she will react to my tree when it’s up. The year I had three new kittens there were no needles on the side they kept jumping on from the back of the settee!

  2. Lovely tree, Gill! I particularly like your Union Jack crown – it’s such fun getting out and sifting through the tree ornaments!