Gone to Seed

I had no idea what lettuce looked like once it had gone to seed. Most people warned me that I had planted too many lettuce and that they would go to seed before I could eat them all and well, they were right. I admit it, 70 lettuce was a tad too many. But what no-one tells you is that when they do run to seed they look as attractive as ever, more so I would argue. So I have left a few of them in the ground to become these tall, architectural statues and I think they give mtp a certain majesty (but then I would). They’re just about to flower and after that hopefully I can collect some seed for next year. I also let some of the Pentard Red go to seed and they turned into amazing deep purple pyramids about two foot high. But the rain battered them down and I had to pull them up. They’re now rotting nicely in the compost pile. But you can’t win them all…

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3 Comments on “Gone to Seed

  1. I’ve seen pictures of a garden where seeding lettuce was the focus point of one of the borders. I can’t remember where, but if I dig it out I will let you know!

  2. They look pretty don’t they? – of course I might not be saying that when the wind gets hold of them and there are tiny lettuce plants everywhere…!

  3. I’ve only got three lettuces – I keep cutting some off and it keeps growing back – you had 70 lettuces! Blimey! Are you a rabbit?