Bathford Flower Show

It happens every year (apparently) – Bathford Flower Show. You can enter your produce in a veritable plethora of categories including your common or garden flower categories (including the minature flower arrangement section). Your basic veg categories (like the five tomatoes on a plate category – seen here) or your more unusual entries such as the ‘homemade pizza’ (must not exceed 9 inches) category and the ‘largest dug potato’ category. I must admit I’d never been to a village flower show. Flower shows were an alien concept in the northern mining town where I grew up. If you wanted flowers you went to Blackpool or Cheshire and if you had an allotment you grew veg on it – not dahlias! So I was intrigued when David mentioned that there would be a flower show and that he had 17 (!) entries in it. I had to go. It started at 2:30pm, was 50p to get in and actually was rammed with visitors. It was nice – I wouldn’t say exciting – but I’m sure if you had 17 entries it would be seat edge stuff. Predictably though, I was sucked in. When I heard the words, ‘my cucumbers are better than those’ come out of my mouth I knew I would be entering next year. 50p or no 50p.

3 Comments on “Bathford Flower Show

  1. We were first-timers at our local show last year, and like you were totally sucked in. Ours is next weekend, and I’m sure we’ll end up entering a load of stuff at the last minute. We’ll be watching with interest and expect you to at least match David’s 17 entries next year!

  2. we visited our local show last year just to look and learn. This year we did not enter any veg as we thought that it was not up to it but looking at some of the exhibits we may have had a chance, however Barbara won first prize for her herbs, second prize for her shortbread biscuits and I won first prize for one of my photographs. Very pleasing when you are let into the hall and see a card with your exhibit, then its all down to the pub to celebrate or comiserate.