Radish Seeds

radish seeds
I’ve let a few Radishes go to seed this year. The flower stems are very tall with pretty little white flowers at the top. The flowers disappear quite quickly to be replaced by a small pod which gets larger over time. The slugs seem to like eating the pods so I have tied them up like a bunch of flowers to lift them off the ground. This seems to have worked. I’ve had great success this year with Peas that I saved from last year and also Runner Beans. Both germinated fine and we have eaten lots of sweet and juicy peas for free!

4 Comments on “Radish Seeds

  1. Did you know that radish pods are really tasty? (before they mature and dry out) You can also pickle them but I think fresh is better!

  2. The pods look as though they are holding a lot of seed – hope you keep the slugs off!

  3. Wow Rose – thanks for the top tip. I think I’ll need to save them this year but next year I’ll grow more and give pickling a go!

  4. can you tell me how or when i can get the seeds out of the pods for next year? thanks…..