Tiny Cucumber

As I did a quick tour of the garden to check on the latest slug damage I noticed that the cucumber plant is flowering and has produced tiny fruit! Yey – could this be the break in the clouds I’ve been looking for? Maybe – although I did also notice that in 2005 I was actually harvesting fully-grown cucumbers on this very day. Well here’s hoping that this little fella has enough time to ripen before the weather starts to get colder.

5 Comments on “Tiny Cucumber

  1. I’m also a happy novice with a brand new garden (not an allotment though) and one of my great triumphs this summer was harvesting a 30 cm long cucumber last week! Admittedly, it was quite curved so didn’t live up to the EU standards, but I was thrilled :-)
    I’m in Denmark where we haven’t had as much rain as you (though a lot more than a normal summer in the last four weeks) so perhaps my cucumber has been a bit happier than yours
    Great site btw!

  2. Hi there,

    I discovered your Blog last night in my search for my nominations for the ‘Bloggers for Positive Global Change Award’. You will find details in my post of 25th July 2007.

    I write a gardenwatch blog from Scotland and do believe we should all try growing something to eat from our garden to see how satisfying it can be. You are doing a great job of inspiring others to do exactly that – please keep up the good work!

  3. I too am waiting for a cucumber. not sure what is happening this year. have heard talk of others having them come in slowly.

    but the “babies” give us hope and they are cute… I love showing my students the progression from flower to fruit.

  4. My cucumbers aren’t much bigger than that either! Most things are slow to ripen this year due to lack of sunlight.

  5. i have what i think are cucumber the size of grapes growing on my fence line, the house was built in 1920, we’ve only been here 2 years, I’ve tried googling them but cant seem to find anything