Tomato – Sweet Pea Currant

This year I’m growing a new variety of Tomato (for me at least) called Sweet Pea Currant. The shops were full of the tiny pea-sized Tomatoes last year and they were all the rage in mum’s circles because toddlers loved them.

I hadn’t seen the seed for sale until this year and I’ve even seen small plants for sale at some garden centres too – finally they veer away from racks and racks of Gardeners Delight, Shirley and Alicante (nothing wrong with those varieties but it’s nice to see something new).

Anyway, I’m growing Sweet Pea Currant with some seed that I got from Victoriana Nursery. But there are other places to buy the seed.

Apparently the plant is a cordon type but you should treat it as a bush variety because if you pinch out all the side shoots then the yield will be too small. As I’ve never grown them before I’m not sure how big the plants will be but I’m guessing smaller than your average Tomato.

I can’t wait to harvest the sweet little Tomatoes and I’m sure that once Jackson finds them he will be picking them himself and I won’t get a look in.

Anyone else growing this type? What is your flagship Tomato this year?

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  1. I grew this one last year – it’s quite vigorous and sprawling.

  2. I’ve never heard of these tiny tomatoes but they sound great. I am trying tamina this year, although it’s my first tomato ever so I can’t compare!

  3. These tiny toms were a massive hit with my niece and cone to think of it, just about everyone last summer. Do you think it would be too late to plant them if I bought seeds now?

  4. I’ve not heard of that one. Our must have this year is “Black Russian”, we grew it for the first time last year and it is so tomatoey! It’s a red/black colour all the way through and delicious. We were given the seeds and saved last year’s from the crop.

  5. I’m trying Sungold this year (not very exciting) as I have to grow cherry types for my six year old niece, who eats them like sweets. It’s being backed up by Olivia, which is a variety that I’ve also not tried before, so I’ve no idea how they’ll turn out.
    I usually grow Gardeners Delight but the nursery had sold out. Oh, the shock of it! At least it’s encouraged me to try some new varieties.

  6. I’m growing black russian, but also black cherry tomatoes, along with tumbling tom in hanging baskets.

  7. I am also trying 4 different varieties given to me by my dad; Brandywine Pink, Mike’s Polish Red, Riesentraube and Rose de Berne. I have no idea yet what they will be like, but I really like the idea of trying new things and waiting to see what happens as they grow!

  8. There are actually quite a few of these tiny ones, best things about them is that they are pretty resistant and have so many tomatoes on them. I am growing quite a few of them this year as they taste so much like a tomato should taste like ;)

  9. Well iam growing Roma and San Marzano,there great to make sauce out of and 100’s + 1000’s which is meant to be a big cropper but very small cherry type fruit.

  10. Our fave is Sungold which are just so delicious and were pouring off the plants last year. Even our 9 year old “tomato fairy” couldn’t keep up! We are also growing Latah (from the Real Seed Catalogue) – very nice flavour and they come early in the season (well before blight).

  11. I planted a similar variety named ‘Spoon’ two years ago. The plant grew long and stringy, vining 25 or 30 feet through the rest of the patch before I cut off three-quarters of it. Then it grew back just as long. Delicious, sweet, tiny tomatoes.

  12. I am not growing any, as although I love to eat home-grown toms, I am always plagued by the blight. It doesn’t matter where I plant them, which side of the garden in pots or in the ground, they crop really well, but just as I see them start to colour up, the blight appears. Help! Had this problem for years. We used to get fantastic crops!

  13. my new flagship tom is ‘Ferline’ after it managed to survive the blight last year. im also trying for the first time ‘black cherry’, ‘yellow stuffer’, ‘country taste’ and ‘pineapple’. i always like trying new toms- there’s such a variety.

  14. Sungold is a must, it survives where others fail with me. Also trying Ferline, Costoluto Fiorentino, San Marzano, Tigerella, Tumbling Tiger and Gardener’s Delight. I didn’t mean to grow too many this year, but somehow have ended up with loads. It’s a sickness…

  15. Good luck with your tomato plant! I’ve never heard of them. Can’t wait to see what they look like. My favorite last year was Green Zebra so I’m growing that again this year along with a handfull of other tomatoes.

  16. We’re growing Principe Borghese -small plum type greta for cooking; Salt Spring Sunrise from the Heritage Seed Library and Mammoth German Gold also from the HSL. SSS and MGG are both new to us. There’s also 100s&1000s.

  17. We’re growing ‘Mr Stripey’ a striped beefsteak type – results awaited!

  18. I am growing Matt’s Wild Cherry, which is another of the pea sized tomatoes. It was lovely last year, we ate them like sweets. I am growing some normal sized tomatoes and some beef ones too – can’t remember the varieties off hand

  19. Only in my second year of home grown so sticking to Gardener’s Delight – for fun have planted a couple of pots of ‘The Striped Tomato’ which I found in a Garden Gift Shop, if they turn out well I shall be a delighted gardener!

  20. As my boss caught me trying to eat plum tomatoes and hold a conversation today (not pretty) I think these would be a great addition to my office snack box!

  21. I grew it last year, the plant was huge it took over half the greenhouse I just kept hacking lumps of.f thousands of the little toms