Bleak & Blank Here

In the bleak mid winter. It’s certainly bleak in my garden. I’m still clearing and I’m still cleaning. I read a good tip the other day for gardening in general. Take a picture of your garden in winter so you can see where you need to put some ‘winter interest’ plants. That’s something I need […]

Brand New Soil

The landscapers are virtually finished here in the garden. The last thing they did was to bring in this new, black, crumbly soil and dig it in to all of the beds. They have also hooked up my cute little copper mushroom lights that light the pathways at night. It’s all coming together nicely. The […]

What’s Your Winter Hobby?

I ask that question like everyone ‘must’ have a Winter hobby! But recently, I’ve been wondering what you all do in the Winter? Gardening is a fantastic hobby but there’s no doubt that it’s a seasonal activity. There’s masses to do in Spring and Summer but then it starts to wind down and by the […]