Garlic From Another Lifetime

I planted this Garlic back in November. Before the pandemic. I remember trotting along to my local garden shop, rummaging in the garlic bins and taking my bag of garlic cloves to the till to be weighed. I handed over my debit card with not a care in the world for bacteria. I was not wearing (nor did I own) a face mask. November seems very distant, like a different lifetime.

But nature will march on. And today that very same Garlic, (Red Russian) purchased with such abandon months before needed to be harvested. It’s perfect, with not a blemish in sight.

Like a lot of people right now, I’m extremely glad that I have a garden. To sit in, to think in, hide in, to social distance in. I’m always so amazed by the fact that gardens just do their thing, every year, year after year. Not much gets in their way. I’m pretty thankful for the predictability of my garden right now. When a lot of other things seem to be swaying underneath me.

I’ll probably plait these like I do with onions (here’s a post on how to plait onions) and hang them in the cool basement until I need them.

Bye for now.

2 Comments on “Garlic From Another Lifetime

  1. Love these, they look great. I have just purchased my very own greenhouse!!!!! albeit small, I am very excited!!! One of the things I intend to grow is garlic. Any tips for growing garlic in the greenhouse please? xxx

    • Hi Yvonne – a new greenhouse, how exciting! I’ve never grown garlic in my greenhouse. The only things I grow permanently in my greenhouse (except seedlings) are those lovely beefsteak tomatoes that love the summer heat and taste amazing.