Green Hydrangeas

I found these hiding in the garden behind some overgrown bushes that we’re in the process of chainsawing!

Gorgeous colours. I’ve never grown Hydrangeas before but as I understand it they bloom either pink or blue depending on your soil type but then mellow to a gorgeous dusty green colour.

I love them so much I might try to get some paint in these colours for some of the rooms in the house. Nothing like using nature as inspiration.

9 Comments on “Green Hydrangeas

  1. Hydrangeas are also nice as cut flowers (they last a long time and sometimes will root in the vase so you can easily propagate more if you like). And if you set them in a vase and forget about them (let them dry out) they last forever in a beautiful dried arrangement.

  2. Hydrangea flowers make lovely long lasting wreaths. I describe how to make them on my blog in the “how to” section.

  3. I have also heard if you sprinkle some iron nails etc round roots they go one colour and if you sprinkle some bits of copper round the roots they go another colour, 1 is blue other is pink not sure which way round.

  4. I think there are green hydrangeas. When we visited Trengwainton Gardens in Cornwall a couple of years ago, we found hydrangeas in several unusual colours. They weren’t just faded.

  5. Aiie! That hurts. So I couldn’t stop you with your chainsaw. It takes ages to get mature shrubs and trees, and maybe if you don’t like them there and now – you may like them in another season in another place, maybe (well) pruned. I beg you not to undertake any large scale cutting – you need at least a year to understand a garden, especially if it is rather large. A professional might have a different look. So why don’t you take advice from a landscape architect that “feels well” with you – I gather Karen Ford ( might do the tric. Ask them to come and see your garden and ask them to give you a first advice on don’s and don’ts. Say for a budget of 5 hours or so. It might be one of the best ways of investing your dollar right now.
    Good luck!

  6. Our front garden is planted only with hydrangeas and box :) The very first flower is forming on one of the plants (we only did the garden at Easter), so it’s rather exciting. We stole the idea from a garden in Belgium which just looks so archtectural all the time.

  7. Great idea for a paint colour. I’ve been looking for some inspiration for my upcoming bathroom makeover and I think I have just found it! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Keep some of the heads, they dry really easily, I always spray them silver and use in Christmas wreaths! I think the green ones are lovely!

  9. I adore hydrangeas, so may wonderful varieties and colours, my all time favourite for a larger garden is Hydrangea quercifolia (oak leafed hydrangea) as the name suggests large leaves that look like oak tree leaves and flowers of creamy white, the colour of which arent effected by the Ph of the soil.
    But generally I just adore all hydrangeas!
    kat x