School Gardens


These are the local school’s vegetable gardens. Pretty impressive really. Each class has a patch to tend and it’s lovely to see how different they all are.

8 Comments on “School Gardens

  1. How awesome is that!

    I’ve been seeing so many projects like this popping up around the country. :)

    I wonder what the process is for getting something started like this at a local school? My town’s school has beautiful grounds with lots of acreage – I’m thinking it’s the perfect place for a garden like this!

  2. That bath planter is gorgeous. What a lovely way for children to learn. Good luck with discovering your new garden.

  3. Agreed; it is pretty impressive for a school garden. It makes me wonder if my children’s old school garden is still in use and if so, how it might have developed.

  4. I just love all the great school gardens I’ve been seeing pop up around the country! What a great way for the kids to make a connection to the soil and how their food is grown.

    And I just adore that re-used bath tub! How fun is that?!