Housewarming Gift

One of our neighbours left this basket of fruit and vegetables on our front porch today. She had been to the farmer’s market bought some things that she likes, put them in a basket, wrapped it and tied it with string. It was a lovely home-made gift and it totally blew me away. The fact that she gave up so much time and spent her Saturday afternoon doing this meant so much to me I can hardly put it into words. Maybe I’m emotional because I’m in a different country and starting to realise that. But this was huge for me today. A little home-made goes a long, long way.

9 Comments on “Housewarming Gift

  1. that was a very thoughtful and well chosen gift for you; your lucky to have such wonderful neighbours. Amanda x

  2. Lovely! We moved to California for a couple of years in 2001, and on my first morning in our new home a neighbour arrived with a basket full of British goodies: marmite, colman’s mustard, heinz baked beans, McVities digestives etc – each one with a little yellow sticky on directing me to where I could buy more should we desire! The neighbour was a fellow ex-pat who too had moved to CA for a couple of years – 30 years previously! Sadly the things she and her husband really missed – gooseberries, rhubarb & jersey royals in particular – weren’t easily available (and impossible to successfully grow).
    We moved back to the UK two and a half years later, the pull of family being too strong for my partner to consider a permanent move. The neighbours remain good friends!

  3. Ooh…what a sweet and thoughtful new neighbour! Enjoy yourself – happy House-warming!

  4. A wonderful, kind gesture from your neighbour. Often it’s when someone is kind to us that we realise all those emotions are just there waiting to bubble over!
    Wishing you happy days in your new home and garden.