Now You See It

On one side of the house we have a cute little seating area with a pergola above and some steps down into the garden. It’s a great place to sit at night with a glass of wine and contemplate all the things that I plan to grow in my garden next year. Ahem! it would be a great place to sit and contemplate if I could see anything that is. The view was somewhat oppressive with these two huge bushes smothering me.

So I cut them down. Ah… that’s better. A little messier perhaps until I finish replanting some low level, shade-loving plants. But, yes, definitely better. Now I can breathe again.

8 Comments on “Now You See It

  1. It looks lovely! I am a great fan of making space and clearing. It’s nearly time for the Autumn clear-up and I can’t wait! x

  2. WOW, that really made a huge difference! Well done!
    I so look forward to following you in your new garden!

  3. I enjoyed your blog a lot for 3? 4 ? years. I wanted to follow your kitchen garden, I ended up following your life and family as well. All always seemed nice to me.
    Now that I, for several reasons, unfollow, I wish you all the best in Portland.

  4. That looks lovely. Very restful. Cutting down/back always seems such a major decision, but I think it’s rare that one actually regrets doing it.

  5. Welcome to the country. I do hope you enjoy your stay.

    I don’t want to be nosy, but could you let us know your Agriculture zone. I am in zone 9 (having recently been upped from 8B) and what I grow does not grow in a lot of other places..and what others grow and when they grow it doesn’t work here.

    We are happy you are here.

  6. wow that looks beautiful, you have such a lovely garden :)

    I hope to be moving into my first house (in the process of buying it so waiting on mortgage and solicitors etc). I’m hoping to be in before christmas, so any ideas what I could do with the bush line down the side?

    It’s a bit on the big side atm, but I’m not sure if I should attack it (attack its prob not the best wording lol) at that time of year or wait until after christmas?

  7. You’ve created a lovely light garden.
    Re Summer Houses: Most bushes would be ideally “attacked” in late autumn or winter, when they are dormant. But for some advice or a helping hand with major clearance, why not contact a company like mine for a blitz…
    Leaving to do the fun things like planting.