Time to Start Potting-On


I’m potting on, yes it’s that time of year here. I sowed some Cabbage (Parel) and some Kale (Red Russian) a few weeks ago and they are already at the two true leaf stage. So I started to pot them on.


I always find that there is an explosion of small pots in the greenhouse at this time of year and I simply don’t have enough tags to label them all. So I put them in rows and label the top pot, everything underneath is assumed to be the same plant. I have to trust myself later in Spring when I can’t tell the difference between a Cabbage and a Broccoli plant!


I had a little helper too. My sweet 6 year old (how? why? when?) played ‘potting factory’ and filled the pots so they could go down the ‘production line’ and be filled with plants. Bless him, he’s actually quite interested in gardening. No forcing required.

8 Comments on “Time to Start Potting-On

  1. ..been potting mine on for a couple of weeks now.. Here in NW Sutherland, things are a bit behind, but I try to get them going as early as I can.. Love the Red Russian borecole, grew it last year. Like a cross between cabbage and spinnach, and also good in salads. Growing a lot more this year..

  2. Not a thing wrong in my eyes with one label to as whole row or tray of plants (I find writing them so tricky with my double vision so the less the better). How the heck did your gorgeous boy get so big and what a joy that he likes gardening! You are much further ahead with your seedlings then us – must be that to-die-for greenhouse :)

  3. haven’t planted anything for almost 8 months now.. wow.. i envy you! I bought seeds last november but up to know I haven’t taken the time to plant my snap peas, radishes and chinese cabbages. ugh! I really really hope I would have same gorgeous set up in my home this summer…

  4. Six years old: perfect for helping Mummy in the garden. Pleased to see you on the Garden Bloggers Facebook page, Gill.
    I’m pretty much an ornamental gardener, so I rearely plant vegetables or start seeds, but I love to see others do it!

  5. I like your planters and pots – where do you buy them and can they be found online?

    Thank you!