Celebrating the Broad Bean Harvest

It’s time to bring in the Broadbeans. I have around six plants producing a ton of beans. Harvesting the biggest ones from the bottom I managed to collect this little lot and some podded Peas too. When it comes to preparing Broadbeans and Peas it’s always a time issue. Do you have time to do […]

Planting Out Broadbeans

I planted out my Broadbeans (Fava Beans) this week. I had started them off from seed about three or four weeks ago in these biodegradable pots. I just popped the whole thing in the ground and tucked them in. Nice and easy. The roots were just about popping out from the bottom of the pots […]

Bountiful, Fresh, Green, Broadbeans

I brought in a lovely crop of Broadbeans today. The pods were just starting to get knobbly and the plants were getting heavy enough to start falling over. There was a touch of brown spot on them too but not too much black fly. Broadbeans aren’t a very economical crop, space wise. The plants get […]

Broadbean Seedlings

The Broadbeans that I sowed on 15th Feb have sprouted. They have been in my coldframe since then and so have dodged the few frosts that we’ve had here. I absolutely love this time of year! It makes me want to bounce around the garden like a Spring bunny! Unfortunately, not the Spring bunny that […]

Sowing Broadbeans

I sowed some Broadbeans (Aquadulce) a couple of days ago. In the photo you can see that I’m also being wuss-pants and I had my camping heater on to keep me warm! I know, I know. If I was a true gardener and all that. But hey, I don’t want cold fingers and you just […]

Why Pinch Out Broadbean Tips?

Yesterday, I ran along my Broadbean row, and like a good girl, I pinched out the tips from each plant. I was pleased with the results until I realised that I didn’t actually know why I’d just done it. I had some vague recollection of reading it somewhere in a book and that it had […]

Broadbeans Are In…

I should have posted this last week when I did actually sow the Broadbeans but work got the better of me. But never mind that, the Broadbeans are in and I shall watch closely for signs of life over the next few weeks. I bought an Autumn sowing variety called Aquadulce Claudia (ooh very posh). […]