Broadbean Seedlings

The Broadbeans that I sowed on 15th Feb have sprouted. They have been in my coldframe since then and so have dodged the few frosts that we’ve had here.

I absolutely love this time of year! It makes me want to bounce around the garden like a Spring bunny! Unfortunately, not the Spring bunny that my cat brought in the other day and that was ‘having a nap’ on the kitchen floor when we got up for breakfast.

Sleeping bunnies aside I love how everything is so fresh and green. New seedlings, Rhubarb crumble, Daffodils in the shops, Easter pastels, heck even a Royal Wedding to look forward to! Yes, Spring is good.

14 Comments on “Broadbean Seedlings

  1. Love this time of year too. One of the allotment foxes flopped down by the side of our plot and had a sunbathe in the spring sunshine while we worked. The snow from earlier this year seems a distant memory.

    And let me add hot cross buns to your list of things brilliant about the season too.

  2. It’s great isn’t it! I was in the greenhouse after work today for half an hour sowing some seeds and it was lovely to see that all of a sudden, since yesterday, there’s been a massive load of little seedlings pop their head above soil. I’m now one happy grower! :)

  3. Great time of year all my broad beans are out in the bed now fingers crossed!

  4. It’s so lovely to see your enthusiasm. My broad beans which were sown ages ago in the root-trainers are still hardening off in the mini greenhouse in the garden. I looked today at the bottom of the R.T’s and there are some very healthy roots spilling out, so I think it’s time they went in a bed on the plot. I think they will need protection from the frosts for a while though.

    I hope you and your family are well, I guess your new baby and little Jackson must be growing as quickly as your seedlings !!!
    M x

  5. This is a great time of year. Yesterday was the vernal equinox so it’s longer days from here on (for a few months anyway) and increasing time to enjoy the garden. Your broadbeans are looking good; I’ve a few myself which I hope to plant out at the weekend. They’ve been sat outside for a while and have even take a few frosts without damage so I think they’re tough enough to go. Shame about the bunny but I guess it’s either the bunny or your veg!

  6. Oh no! Poor little Spring Bunny. I hope for your sake he hadn’t been casing the joint to deliver your Easter Eggs, The Easter Bunny doesn’t work alone you know…

  7. Your broad beans look great. I love seeing beans come up as they are such sensible sturdy plants. Ours are still in small pots in the greenhouse at the moment, but I think this weekend may be the time to get them out. I was hoping to plant them with the sun on my back, but I’ve just seen the forecast and it looks as though the weekend is going to be cloudy and cooler. Ah well . . . it’ll still be nice to be in the garden.

  8. Yes a great time of year, I always seem to get a bit ahead of myself tho’ and end up planting outside before I really should. You’d think I’d learn! Anyway, have broad beans in the coldframe too and some outside also that I planted in the autumn in modules in an unheated conservatory. They are now in the veg plot and seem to have come through ok surviving a couple of frosts – still flowering so hopefully will get some beans off them too.

  9. Quite agree. Fantastically exciting time of the year. I have Rhubarb to pick and have just sown my first row of peas outside-hope this isn’t too optimistic. Tomato seedlings indoors are looking great and hoping to sow lettuces and mustard leaves tomorrow if I can squeeze it in after work-just need an extra hour or two in the day. Roll on the clock change!

  10. Spring is here, spring is here for sure!… except for a few dangerous frosts! The Rhubarb and apple crumble we had yesterday was not only delicious, but enlightening…. I never thought gardening could bring such joy!

    Loving the blog, if you’ll forgive me, you’ve inspried me to start writing my own. I really enjoy taking the photos and sharing what I am up to.

    Keep on the good work, it great to read.

  11. Had the same joy ourselves last night when we found that the broad beans and beetroot had germinated at last! The new rhubarb is just fantastic too. This Spring sunshine makes me want to sneak off work and head down to the plot…

  12. It is such an exciting time, everything comes back to life. Every time I walk around the garden I find something new. Sorry you had to deal with a ‘sleeping bunny’ at least it was quieter than the screaming frogs cats like to bring in.