Success with Sweetcorn

I’m having some success with Sweetcorn. It’s already pretty big and showing signs of fruiting. It’s been pretty windy here over the last few days and so I was a bit worried about it. But as long as the great dane stays out of the garden (unlike last year) then I think we should be all good.

It’s amazing to me how far ahead vegetable gardens in Portland are (of the UK). I just watched Gardeners’ World and Monty was just planting his Sweetcorn last week. I was never really successful with Sweetcorn in England. A few cobs here and there but mostly it would end in failure. Fingers crossed here.

1 Comments on “Success with Sweetcorn

  1. I watch Gardeners World too, though I’ve never tried growing sweetcorn, I hope they are a success for you – my problem is keeping a greyhound out of the salad patch! We had lettuce growing out of the paving slab grouting last year after she’d had a dash about.

    Love your blog and have just set a link to your green tomato chutney recipe which I know my readers will enjoy, I’m going to have a go at it too later on, so thanks for sharing.