Yellow Tulips for Easter

My Tulips are in flower. I must admit flowers don’t last long in my garden since I only grow most of them for cutting. These particular Eastery yellow ones were cut…


and in the vase pretty quick. I’ve got some lovely purple and peach coloured ones to come but these pale yellows are my favourite.

Remember they like a fairly cool room otherwise they will open up too fast. Drafty hallways and kitchen windowsills are brilliant.

14 Comments on “Yellow Tulips for Easter

  1. They’re so beautiful but they looked so at home beside the stone wall, I don’t know how you could bear to cut them!

  2. I’ve always wondered about cutting tulips – does it affect the bulbs for the following year?

  3. They are beautiful. I don’t think you get more springlike than a vase of tulips and daffodils, though I hear they kill one another in the same vase.

  4. Amy I have to admit to not saving my tulip bulbs year on year. I pull them up almost as soon as they flower because I need the ground. I tried saving them until the next year but the bulbs didn’t flower so I buy new every Autumn. It’s an expensive habit, I know, but I can’t do without Spring Tulips!

  5. We have some yellow ones coming through now too, they are lovely at this time of year.

  6. Didn’t plant any tuplips but saw our daffs in full bloom when we went to the allotment this weekend. Ain’t spring great! :)

  7. Lovely tulips! A Florists tip for you….
    Dont forget to keep trimming them every other day as they continue to grow at quite a rate in a vase, this will keep them looking good. My favourite is Queen of the Night, dark aubergine colour.

  8. Just a quick reply to Siobhan about the flowers killing eachother in the same vase. It is the daffodil sap that kills the tulips…the daffodil sap is Alkaloid poison, it can also cause dermatitus on some people. So the tulips are the good guys! Best to keep them looking great on their own.

  9. Beautiful tulips, I love them. You have made me wish I had grown a big patch of them for cutting now. I will do that this year.
    I hope you and your family are well.

  10. Re: daffodil sap, I had put some hellebores in a vase with narcissi and the hellebores keeled over during the night. Was that due to alkaloid sap coming from the narcissi? Might try a vase of hellebores on their own. They are so beautiful.
    Thank you for blog and all the useful info I glean from it.
    My tulips are not out yet! Having to water pots of tulips it is so dry. Angelique is a very pretty one and I agree Queen of the Night is stunning.

  11. Haven’t seen any tulips in these parts yet. Have seen plenty of daffodils though. I’m usually not a big fan of daffodils, but after the winter I had, I was happy for any color I could get.

    Your tulips certainly look nice, though.

  12. I’ve just done a posting myself about taking home tulips from my allotment. I’m sure if you were to cut all the flowers they would suffer and not reproduce so well the following year, I just make sure to only cut about half of mine and leave the rest. This is their second year, and they don’t seem to have suffered at all, if anything I have more this year. Love them.

  13. Gorgeous flowers, there are some nice daffodils in a park near me. Yellow is such a lovely colour when the sun is shining!