Onions Going to Seed


Remember to snap off onion flowers as they appear. If you let the plants flower they will become woody and unusable. Try to remember which ones started to bolt and use these first as they won’t keep well if you try to store them.

4 Comments on “Onions Going to Seed

  1. That’s a good tip! although I always leave a couple of my leeks to deliberately go to seed just for the beautiful flower heads.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I sowed lots of red onions – possibly too early – now they are all going to seed. (and not getting all that large) So we’ll be sure to eat them soon.

  3. If you forget to pinch them out, and they get a bit advanced, pick them off with your finger and thumb and take them home, you can tear off the stem and the soft flower florets inside make a lovely addition to a summer salad. And if the worst comes to the worst and you forget to pinch them off before they open, let them dry on the (well nigh useless) onion and cut them to use as winter flower decorations – at least you’ll ge some use from them that way!

  4. As of todays date I have just finished harvesting the last of the onions I planted this year and not one of them has bolted which is great and my crop is HUGE. No buying onions for me this winter whoopee-do.

    I was told by my neigbour at the lottie that onions grown from seed are more likely to bolt than those grown from sets (which is what I choose to use)

    I don’t know if there is any truth in this.

    I grew 4 different types (2 whites, 1 shallots and 1 red) and all have been fantastic