Remember – Don’t water peas & beans

watering the plants
Don’t be tempted to water peas and beans too much, even in this dry weather. You’ll end up with a plant that is all leaf and no pea (or bean) if you’re not careful. Same goes for carrots. Instead, start watering them when the pods start to form.

11 Comments on “Remember – Don’t water peas & beans

  1. Makes sense but just how dry do you let them get?
    Do this apply to French beans also?

  2. Thank you! I’d forgotten and drenched the bean bed yesterday. I’ll give them plenty of time before I water them again…

  3. Hi. I’ve just planted some peas for the first time. I’m worried about not watering them — we’ve had no rain to speak of for over a month. How long do you reckon without watering them? a couple of weeks?

  4. Had no idea and have been watering religiously every evening! However, all my broad beans are doing fine but some of my peas look like the need a few more leaves – they haven’t reached the the pea sticks yet. Should I continue watering them until they start to put on a bit more leaf, or leave them to it? Am a pea and bean novice so all help appreciated!

  5. I have been mesmerised by your photography for some time now – what a stunning photo this is. I would love to know what you use. Great stuff!

  6. The trick is to give them enough water to survive and nothing more. Then when they set the pods plump up the peas (and beans) with a nice bit of watering. I suppose with carrots it kind of makes sense – since they are a root crop and so you want them to dig as deep as they can for that water without parching them too much.

  7. Thanks Wolfie. My camera is a Canon 350D (that’s D for digital) usually with a Sigma macro lens attached. Although this shot was taken with the bog-standard lens, just using a fast shutter speed.
    I should create a page just for my camera as so many people ask about it. Maybe my camera will be lucky one day…

  8. Hmmm. I need to look at the lens possibilities for my Sony DSC-H1. I have a feeling that your Digital SLR will always outperform the Sony point and click variety though. Thanks for the info. Photo looks just as good this evening!

  9. Hey Wolfie, it’s not the camera although the macro lens gives a different perspective it’s essentially the skill and vision of the photographer that makes the picture. Give 99% of people a (D)SLR* and their pictures would be no different from a point and shoot. The Sony DSC-H1 is far from a point and shoot anyway!

    *taken from a survey of 2 people living in the Outer Hebrides, 1952, PJM et al.

  10. I seeem to have inadvertently stumbled upon a lens aficionado’s site – back to peas and beans – we have a Jean de Florette type site where water drains away within seconds. We dig a hole and put damp shredded paper at the bottom, followed by a large dollop of compost or Bokashi treated kitchen waste. Then plant seedlings and water in. They don’t dry out for ages,which is good as we rely on water butts (loose description for any skip-find capable of holding water) and are tapless! Thats TAP less.

  11. hi can not see it all the years I have been growing beans and every one arownd me water there beans well every night and all waysget a good crop pea well no coment dot grow may peas